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Children and Families at Risk

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 18, 2018

To enable them to achieve their full potential all children need a nurturing and supportive family and community. For vulnerable children who are exposed to neglect and child abuse, we need to ensure they are supported and protected so they can have the best chance in life. Some children are…

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Babies and Safety

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 18, 2018

An important part of caring for your new baby is providing a safe environment. Babies need to be safe at home and when they’re away from home. There are some simple things you can do to help keep your baby safe and secure. Most injuries to babies do not occur…

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 14, 2018

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that affects a person’s ability to interact with the world around them. ASD is a neuro-developmental disability thought to have neurological or genetic causes (or both). The term ASD includes autism, Asperger’s syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PPD-NOS). ASD affects…

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Secure Attachment – Babies, Young Children and Their Parents

By Family Kickstart Georgia | March 11, 2018

Attachment is the strong, long-lasting bond, which develops between a baby and her caregiver. This enables a baby to feel safe, free to explore and learn, and helps with forming relationships throughout their lives. Providing consistent responsive and sensitive care and love during the first few months can help your…

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Getting Pregnant

By Family Kickstart Georgia | February 27, 2018

Pregnancy is a complex phenomenon involving many factors – it’s not just about having sex. From ovulation, insemination and conception, and implanting of the growing embryo into the uterus, the pathway to successful pregnancy requires many factors to line up just right. For some women, this appears to happen quickly,…

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By Family Kickstart Georgia | February 24, 2018

When the body ‘trigger’ or overreacts to an allergen that is typically harmless to most people occurs an allergy. Examples of allergies include eczema, hay fever, hives, asthma and food allergy. Estimates suggest that about one person in four is allergic to something and roughly half of all allergy sufferers…

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Autoimmune Diseases

By Family Kickstart Georgia | February 19, 2018

Autoimmune diseases are caused by an overactive immune system. There are many types, including Coeliac disease, Graves’ disease, and lupus. Although they can’t be cured, there are various treatment options to manage the symptoms and reduce further damage to your body. What is the immune system? The immune system incorporates…

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Influenza (Flu)

By Family Kickstart Georgia | February 18, 2018

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is an infection of the nose, lungs, and throat caused by the influenza A or B (or rarely C) viruses. It is highly infectious. The United States experiences epidemics of seasonal flu each year. This time of year is called “flu season.” In the…

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